Monday, February 22, 2021

Best Intentions

Like many of you, I am still looking for work. And when that call comes in, I will take my knowledge, experience, and integrity and join the team with my best intentions. If I end up revealing the Client's shortcomings in their RFP/RFQ, specifications, policies, and procedures and it costs them time and money then I suspect they will find a reason to let me go as has a few others in the past has done. When frustration creeps into my thoughts I ultimately revert back to my principles knowing I cannot waiver from what is right even if I need the job to pay bills and provide for my family. Clients, please remember that third-party representatives are hired because of their knowledge and experience. We are joining the team to assist with the execution of the scope of work. Keep in mind, there may be times where we will point out inconsistencies that need addressing. I don't believe these instances justify releasing the third-party rep because it causes delays in your schedule, additional funding, or viewed as "stepping on the toes" of certain personnel and their agendas. CEOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, etc., how well are you informed on the internal workings of your construction projects?

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