Wednesday, January 27, 2021

You Are Important


I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. For those of you still looking for work do not give up. Keep pounding the pavement, ringing the phone, and filling those inboxes! Persistence will pay off! For those of you who are working, no matter your profession or position within that industry, please understand and remember you are important, and you matter. All too often many individuals judge and rate others on their work profession and position. Very shallow thinking in my opinion. I have the utmost respect for every person who has the “giddy up” and determination to hold down a job. Even if it is a position, they are not too fond of. From the person working the drive-up window at a fast-food restaurant to the CEO of a company, each position influences others throughout the day. For those of you who continue to dedicate yourself to a job every day, please know you play a big part in many other people’s days and quite possibly have a much greater influence than you realize. Handing that cup of coffee through that window and how you do it can set the tone for many individuals and their day. Bringing value and respect to the individuals in that conference room can set off a ripple effect that could possibly blow you out of the water. Remember, no matter what you do for a living, know you and your position are important and can impact many individuals every single day. Respect yourself and others and reap the benefits!

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