Thursday, April 1, 2021

Unpopular As A Pink Elephant

I'm learning with each passing week that there are many oil and gas companies seeking dual certification candidates only for many types of projects that are getting underway. In many cases, this is all they are looking for to oversee their projects emphasizing that other disciplines of construction are not as important and so will "roll the dice" on the integrity of the product being produced. I've seen this time and time again when there is some sort of correction in the industry. Companies continue down this path gambling possible impacts of sorts to their bottom line with possible catastrophic outcomes resulting in death or environmental devastation. These companies are prioritizing stages of construction because of money. Financial situations can cause entities involved with construction projects to don blinders and focus on paths that could be high risk. I caution everyone to be vigilant of potential pitfalls and be certain you can "survive" until the industry regains its focus in a more proper manner.

I have received some feedback pertaining to the paragraph above which I posted on my LinkedIn page. Some have indicated that I was attacking dual-certified inspectors and oil/gas companies. Let me be clear with my thoughts. In no way am I scrutinizing inspectors who have dual certifications (NACE and CWI) nor am I attacking oil/gas companies. I am being the unpopular person by talking about the "pink elephant" in the room. In other words, that pink elephant is seen by everyone in the room and nobody wants to acknowledge it. I will speak up especially when that elephant is a direct risk to the safety and health of personnel working in the industry. Any time "normal" construction activities are altered or changed due to prioritizing deadlines and/or project budgets which cause potential safety pitfalls for personnel and/or weaken the integrity of the product being produced, I will lead that pink elephant to the center of the room and parade it out in front of everyone.

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