Friday, October 23, 2020

Working With Company Personnel

Inspectors, be sure you are following the protocols handed down to you by your Chief or Construction Manager with regards to working with Company personnel. It can become a little overwhelming when Operations staff or other Company personnel arrive on your worksite. You should always make contact with anyone arriving on your site and gather their contact information and their intentions. Then follow the steps your Chief and Manager have given you once you have made contact. Always inquire if they need assistance from inspection and if not part company and go back to your duties. If they are there and observing work let them know you are available if they have any concerns or questions. Unless you have been instructed otherwise by your Chief or Manager, any task-oriented requests that Operations or others outside your group make to you inform them you will be happy to assist in any way but that you are held to following instructions and will have to inform the Chief and/or Manager. This will save a lot of mishaps and confusion. This is nothing against the Company staff but it keeps all construction activities flowing as intended. Any changes must be brought to your supervision.

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