Friday, October 23, 2020

Get Rid If Your "Lone Wolf" Attitude

Inspectors and Contractor personnel, remember both entities are contractors working for the Client/Company. Keep in mind your work performance coupled with your working relationship has a huge impact on whether you will be considered for future projects or not. I'm not talking about kissing each other's backsides, looking the other direction, or "gift" exchanges which are all grounds for reprimands and/or dismissal from the project. I am referring to being professionals at all times regardless of the situation and working together in the best interest of the Client. DO NOT forget you were invited to the project. That invitation came with the expectation that you will perform to the best of your abilities at all times and leave your head-strong egos at the motel or fifth-wheel trailer. Take every work opportunity as one to which you can grow your presence and reputation within the industry. It is the simplest concept but the most difficult to execute when it comes to those who have the "Lone Wolf" attitude. The pack has a far better impact! 

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