Friday, October 23, 2020

You Committed To Having Certain Job Skills and Knowledge

Contractors (inspection and construction), are you bringing to the project what you said you would? You committed to a knowledge base as it is depicted on your resume or in your contract. You will be held to that knowledge by the individual(s) who hired you. The clients see the resumes, they will expect you to perform accordingly. Inspectors, if you are asked about certain skills and knowledge (e.g. computer, as-built, report writing, hydrostatic testing, etc.) and you confirm that you have the skills and you offer no explanation of the level of competency, you will be expected to perform these skills with little assistance. Construction personnel, this applies to you as well. If you commit to providing crews with the knowledge and skills of the work being performed, you will be expected to execute as agreed per your contract. Management can detect the weaknesses and strengths of inspectors and contractors in short order. Be upfront about your experience and knowledge. Everyone needs a job, but nobody wants to misrepresent their skills and knowledge which can lead to endangering lives or catastrophic environmental incidents. Not to mention possible criminal litigation. 

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