Friday, October 23, 2020

Tough Times In The Oil And Gas Industry

These are tough times for finding employment. The oil and gas industry is saturated with all kinds of talented workers in just about every position known to the sector. It is a time that we pull all the stops, call everyone on our contact list, spend hours online searching every company remotely associated with our expertise, and refresh our resumes. Although the resume is an essential item and is required by every employer we contact, it has been my experience in the past that when we are caught in a downturn and the competition is high we are forced to think “outside the box.” We seek out individuals who may know somebody who knows somebody else that might be able to get us in the side door and be considered for the position that several hundred others are also applying for. We are in a tough spot. However, do not let the desperation of the situation overcome your ability to do what is right. There seems to be a number of individuals who think that throwing some fancy words and positions that they truly did not fill, along with a light peppering of some “skills” that they do not have, is justified to make their resume stand out. Please do not do this! You will get caught one way or another. Be smart! 

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