Friday, October 23, 2020

Issues With PPE In The Oil and Gas Industry

One of the most common corrections that an inspector will make with a construction crew is asking the individual(s) to don their PPE. You know what I am talking about, safety glasses, hardhats, hearing protection, face shield, FR clothing (when it is required), etc. You have also heard most of the excuses for why they are not wearing it. Foggy glasses, windy conditions, I did not know it was required, I lost it, etc. When these kinds of infractions happen the inspector takes corrective action and requests the person to wear it. It is at this time when the inspector may encounter some unpleasant expressions or attitudes from the individual. A lot of the unpleasantness from the individual has a lot to with the inspector's demeanor and approach. As an inspector, keep in mind how you would want someone to approach you and request that you make a correction of some sort. It is a simple concept and more times than not will generate less confrontation. Be respectful at all times and do not forget to thank them for correcting their error. 

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