Friday, October 23, 2020

Minimize Issues In The Workplace - Be Consistent

Often there are issues among inspectors and contractors when it comes to consistency. By that I mean, the inspectors are not consistent with each other when making observations and providing input on the contractor's work. For example, are all the inspectors on the project working from the same criteria when it comes to allowing personnel into a bell hole? If you have adopted Class C soil standards for your project, do all the inspectors understand what that looks like for acceptance? One of the most common complaints from contractors is inspectors being inconsistent with their observations and or interpretations of the construction requirements. The Chief Inspector should be addressing this with the team and making sure the inspectors are staying consistent with their observations. My point here is not what the criteria of different soil types are and more about is the inspectors' reviewing processes or observations consistent with one another? The more consistent the inspection team is the less pushback and complaints the contractor will have. In all fairness, the contractor's crews deserve consistency from inspection. 

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