Friday, October 23, 2020

Document, Document, Document

Document, document, document. If you have been an inspector for any length of time, a project manager, or on the regulatory side of things, you understand the importance of this word. I am a huge advocate of documentation. I push redundancy when it comes to documentation on a project. Whatever stage or phase of work an inspector is responsible for, he or she will provide documentation in written and photo form (and any other accompanying required forms). For example, stringing, bending, mainline gang, firing line, coating, lowering-in, backfill...every inspector will have produced an as-built and taken photos, thus creating redundancy of information. Why? Because if somebody misses information, more than likely it was caught by another inspector. There are a lot of inspectors who are not good at documentation. They have not been taught the importance of it. You do not have to be a good writer, you have to be good at gathering information and writing it down. - I have plenty to say about the importance of documentation for another time. The point I want everyone to understand is this, if it is not documented, it never happened, 

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