Friday, October 23, 2020

Coworkers Breaking The Rules

What are you going to do when you witness a coworker doing something that is against policies, procedures, and duties of the position? Many of you will turn your heads and act like you didn't see anything and in the back of your minds note the infraction raising your awareness to watch that individual in the future. As "unpopular" as it may sound, this infraction needs to be brought to your supervisor. If not, you are in violation of your responsibility and accountability to the company you are working for. When a situation like this is witnessed by someone, they immediately remove themselves from the incident noting to themselves it is not my problem and I am not going to be a "snitch." By not reporting the infraction, you have placed yourself and others in situations that could result in the company losing the work, hence, you lose your job. Failure to report such incidents puts individuals in precarious situations. Remember, the person disregarding the rules of work made that choice. You owe it to yourself, coworkers, and the company to report these issues. You should not "turn your head" and act as nothing happened. You saw it, you own it, you act on it.

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