Friday, October 23, 2020

Comment on Feedback From Leniency Post

There was a lot of great feedback regarding the post about leniency with specifications, procedures, etc. I think everyone agreed the best course of action is following through with the Client's expectation to enforce their rules of construction. I also detected some frustration from many of you regarding the Contractor going over the Inspector's head. Let it be known that this option is always available to the Contractor and it should be. Do not take this personally. Understand it is a part of the protocols of construction and is implemented in every project you will be a part of. Lastly, the Client has the option to supersede their policies, specifications, procedures, etc. at any time. It has no bearing on whether the Inspector was right or wrong. When you are a part of these kinds of circumstances document it in your report and/or your daily work diary and continue on with your duties. Control your demeanor and remain professional at all times.

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