Saturday, May 8, 2021

Oil and Gas Where Art Thou

The oil and gas industry appears to be creeping along in low gear at best. I hear a lot of "maybes" for new projects being thrown about but none have come to fruition. There's something about this downturn unlike any other that we have had in the industry. Of course, that is one person's opinion. It feels to me that the oil and gas companies are fairly quiet and not making much of a "ruckus" regarding the hits the industry has taken so far from the current administration. Some states are fighting, but I'm not seeing many companies stepping up in support of changes to be made. Could it be these companies are quietly cashing in on the $65/barrel of oil and not wanting to rock the boat so to speak? I'm not sure, just grabbing straws here trying to figure out why it is the end of the first week of May and there are little to no construction projects taking place.

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