Saturday, May 1, 2021

LinkedIn Post 5/1/21

With some research on renewable energy (wind and solar), it appears the construction manager roles contract-to-hire positions are offering $90K to $140K/year. Wanting individuals with construction management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, or related area or equivalent experience, and 5 - 10 years of experience in wind, solar, or utility. So, if you have a good background in electrical with some experience in leadership roles you might have a chance at one of these types of positions. Guys like me with little to no experience in electrical, solar, wind, or utility are pretty much screwed for entering the renewable energy field. Along with the new requirements for oil and gas construction, Chief Inspectors, Construction Managers, and Utility Inspectors are not needed as the companies are looking for dual certification (NACE and CWI) inspectors only who reside in the state and in many cases the county where the work is taking place, causes great concern for those of us unemployed in the oil and gas industry. Maybe some of us should start up a company that provides professionals that can be called in later to pull these projects back on track.

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