Tuesday, October 27, 2020

On A Roller Coaster And Sticking To The Grind

As we continue on this "roller coaster" of emotions, events, and news that pertains to the oil and gas industry it reminds me to stay focused and continue with the grind that each of us is in. Whether you are employed or searching for a position, continue your efforts every single day. If you have a job perhaps the thought of how long you will be retained trickles into your head. If you are searching for a job, self-doubt fills your head and you wonder if you will ever get "back in the saddle." Everyone handles these situations in their own way. But, I believe there is a common element that all of us should try to strive for and that is maintaining the push forward in whatever manner that best suits us. If you are working, have a contingency plan in case "restructuring" knocks on your door. If you are seeking employment, think "out of the box" and do whatever you need to do to get exposure. You might need to try to reinvent yourself with the skillset you possess. Whatever you have to do, keep grinding! 

Take care and be safe!

1 comment:

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