Monday, October 26, 2020

There Is Only One Dumb Question Employees

Inspectors and contractor personnel, there is only one dumb question and that is the one you did not ask! Please keep this in mind. More times than not, the question you do not ask is in the minds of others of the same group. And if it is not, who cares! Ask it anyway. Your inability to ask questions will most certainly put you on a path of poor work performance and possibly the loss of your job. I can understand that there are some people who do not like to talk in groups, but you must find a way to overcome this issue. One of the major keys to a successful project is communication and that includes asking questions. We work in an environment where risk is rampant and the best that we all can do is minimize it. If you fail to ask questions or inquire about subject matter that you do not understand, it is likely you will be compounding the risk factor in the workplace. Your excuses to not ask questions hold no water with the client and most certainly should not with your Chief or Construction Manager. DO the right thing and ask!

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