Thursday, October 22, 2020

Are You a Team of One or a Team of Many?

 Regarding the workplace, I hope you answered a team of many. If so, then you are in the right frame of mind. If you think you are a team of one, then I believe you are missing the concept of what it takes to be a productive and successful employee in the workplace. I made a bold statement there so, let me try to explain what I mean.

I believe a lot of people first hire on with good intentions of being a productive worker, hoping they can make a difference, and if all goes well, they will receive pay increases and perhaps promotions during their tenure. A common mistake with this approach is the employee individualizes their hired position. The person segregates themselves from coworkers and colleagues thinking it is self-reliant based and the only way they will obtain their goals is through individual efforts. Although a person can obtain their desires to pay raises, promotions, etc. on their own accord, it will be a daunting journey to rely totally on their own.

What kind of effect would it have on an employee’s journey towards their professional goals if they reached out and developed working relationships within their workplace/profession? Certainly, this option would allow them to learn and become more informed broadening their knowledge base of the work. It also gives them opportunities to ask questions and share the information which will strengthen and develop new skills. Seeking out individuals you work with or who are related to your profession in some manner is one of the smartest moves an employee can make. Regardless of the profession, you choose to work in there is always something to learn from the individuals you work with.

When a person sees the value in working with coworkers and colleagues, they automatically become part of a team. A team of employees is more productive and successful than they are on their own. The team works together sharing ideas, approaches to tasks, solutions to problems, and share in their successes. This team will also assist others making sure the group stays on track.

The team concept can and should span the entire business entity from the owner or CEO to the last employee hired. It should also include any peripheral personnel (contractors, subcontractors, vendors, etc.) as well. Building a team culture requires all individuals to participate, communicate, and share information regardless of their position or time with the company.

I push this team concept with everyone. The inspection groups I work with hear me talk teamwork all the time. I expect the inspectors to work together, sharing information, assisting one another, carry the team culture to the field, and implementing it with the contractor’s personnel and client’s management and operations staff.

Teamwork is imperative to the employee’s journey towards individual goals as well as the goals of the company. It takes creative thinking “outside of the box”, dedication, commitment, an understanding of the concept, truthfulness, and honesty to instill the culture of teamwork.

If you can understand teamwork and have the audacity to “go all-in” with this concept, then why are you delaying your success?

Take care and be safe!

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