Monday, May 24, 2021

Experience As A Resource

Any oil and gas companies or construction contractors interested in having better control of construction costs on their projects? I have spent over 22 years in the third-party position, 17 years of which were in the roles of Construction Manager and Chief Inspector. I have personally witnessed budget leaks and money pits where both the company and contractor were losing or spending money in areas of the project that could have been rectified either before the RFP/Bid proposal phase or during construction activities. I do not have formal certification in PMP, P.E., or construction management, however, I do have 28+ years in the oil and gas industry where I have accumulated a background from a contractor’s point of view as well as a company’s point of view that is, the perspective of “boots on the ground” and is the position between the two entities where I have first-hand knowledge of budget and quality issues taking place. I feel with my experience and knowledge I can bring value and support to a company or contractor who is interested in improving their budget, manpower, and quality of the product. Do not overlook the resources available to you to rectify your “budget leaks." 


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