Thursday, November 5, 2020

Inspectors' And Contractors' Claims To Experience And Knowledge

Inspectors and contractors, whatever your claims are to knowledge and experience you better be ready to back it up. A CWI who does not know what an as-built is let alone make one or refers to and spells porosity as "verosity" I question how you obtained your credentials and your ability to fill the position. NACE inspectors, if you do not know what testex tape, replica tape, or the process of acquiring a profile I am going to question your credentials. If you are a dozer operator cutting ROW and I ask you to stop at Sta# 22+25 and you ask me what a station number is I am going to question your abilities and knowledge. Inspectors, if you have accepted a position on a pipeline ROW and have never spent a lot of time working on one it is in your best interest to let your CHief know it. If you don't, you will for sure get yourself in trouble not to mention the client especially if you end up in an area that is off-limits to construction personnel. Individuals who try to "fake" their way into a position do not understand the ramifications of their actions and seriousness of it. I am not beating down on individuals who may not be seasoned. I am however questioning those who carry certifications or claims to experience and do not know the basics of their expertise. Everyone one of us knows when we have taken a position and are behind the curve with knowledge or education. It is up to the individual to make sure they are properly prepped and have told their employer the depth of knowledge before taking the position.

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